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We're dedicated to working with the Earth and Creation to promote healing ​and responsible Loving and Living upon our planet, which provides us with everything.

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Who are we?

Heartsong Healing Arts Mission

To promote and encourage holistic personal and social healing through sharing tools for
empowerment and community building within the communities that Heartsong Healing Arts, Inc. serves. 

What does Heartsong Healing Arts Do?


Heartsong Healing Arts (HHA) is run by Sarah Heartsong, who has studied religions all over the world and is the Main Sanctuary Servant of The Tree of Life Interfaith Sanctuary (www.tolisanctuary.org).

HHA specializes in meeting interfaith spiritual needs with services such as Spiritual Tutoring/Life Coaching, Ceremonial Work (weddings, funerals, blessings, "cleansings") as well as Teachings shared in classes and workshops. HHA makes products such as drums, altars, crowns, altar tools and sacred staffs, and sometimes resells vintage spiritual items.

Our Work promotes personal empowerment and social change through the following:

  • Spiritual Life Coaching 
  • Religious/Spiritual Tutoring and Classes
  • Ceremonies (weddings, blessings and other rites of passage) 
  • Laying on of hands healing & teaching of Sacred Touch. 
  • Creating and teaching how to use Spiritual Tools and Sacred Art. 
  • Psychic Readings
  • Spiritual Gifts
  • The production of events and festivals that will honor the Spirit of Nature and bring like-minded people together.   
  • Networking with others in alignment with Heartsong Healing Arts mission and spiritual direction.

More About Who is Behind Heartsong Healing Arts

Rev. Sarah Heartsong, MA


Sarah Heartsong dedicated herself to the study of Nature-Centered spiritualities in Tacoma in 1992. She was ordained in 1994 by her community in Olympia after graduating with a degree in Religion/Global Studies from Pacific Lutheran University and continued to be friends of various groups/traditions including the Aquarian Tabernacle Church, ChaliceHart and Sylvan Grove (among others). Sarah practices an eclectic, Nature-Centered spirituality and has been a "Sovereign High Priestess" for a long time (solitary serving community). She is a Master/Teacher of Reiki, a Shamanic Healer and Spiritual Advisor. She is a trickster, occasionally embodying the sacred Clown with her distinctive loving laughter. Sarah moved back to Shelton, WA where she and her partner, Karl Feret, have a spiritual tool-making business and are Lord and Lady of the Land at Erosia, what the land they steward together is called. (You may have met them vending at pagan events.) Heartsong is currently forming a Nature-Centered Spiritual Association called the Tree of Life Interfaith Sanctuary and facilitates a full spectrum of classes, workshops and events for Nature-Centered people of all traditions at the Sanctuary at Erosia in Shelton, WA. Sarah is originally from New Mexico and keeps strong ties with the area. She earned her Master's degree in Communication Studies from New Mexico State University in 2004, studying the communication of identity, intercultural, interpersonal communication and specializes in communication with people who have special needs.

Karl Feret, Wood Artisan Extraordinaire


Karl Feret is a woodworker and spiritual practitioner who creates amazing spiritual tools such as wands, pens, hair pins, journals, bowls and other wood art to inspire and encourage healing and growth. He joins Sarah as a partner and companion with his passion, Rare Earth Designs. Sarah and Karl often are seen together at events and they create art, teach and write together about Wood, Love and Sacred Living. Visit his website for Rare Earth Designs at www.rareearthdesigns.net and see the amazing tools and art he creates. For the Etsy shop with both HHA and RED products visit https://www.etsy.com/shop/RareEarthWoodworks. Karl is also an accomplished priest bringing his spirituality into his day-to-day living effortlessly. He helps with the design, production and marketing of the HHA travel altars and drums. He joins Sarah on teaching teams helping with events and workshops, such as the Spiritual Tool Making workshop. He is designer and builder, Chief Ent, out at our Land called Erosia where the Sanctuary is located for the Tree of Life Interfaith Sanctuary (TOLIS). Karl serves TOLIS as the "Speaker of the Land".


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